Mighty Princess B.
1983 Appaloosa mare
We raised Princess from a mare my Dad had in high school so we have had her since the day she was born. She is the most beautiful horse we've ever had. She is very unique & unusual with her grulla color. She catches everyones attention & people usually know where we live because they remember seeing her while driving down the road. She was a top halter mare on the appaloosa circuit & in open shows when she was young. Angie showed her to in 4-H, open, & the appaloosa circuit as a youth and did most of the training herself. She has had numerous wins & high points and was even in the national standings in the ApHC. She goes both western & english but really excells at english & showmanship. You can do any showmanship pattern w/ the lead tied around her neck and she will do a pattern along side of you without even touching the lead. She has been retired from the show ring for several years but is now returning with kids who are just learning to ride. She is a favorite lesson horse at our barn and very trustworthy with anyone!
Jenny at her first horse show on Princess. August 2007
        Jenny & Princess 2009
          Kicking butt at age 26!
Mikayla Wacker & Princess at a show
Nat & Princess 2009
5th out of 27 in Trail at very 1st show!
Angie & Mikayla~ Neskowin Sept 2009
Simone & Princess- McMinnville 2010
Simone & Princess~ 2010
1st Show Tons of 1st places & High Point Performance & Timed Events!
Princess age 27!
Chloe & Princess~2010
Simone & Princess~ Costume class!
Mikayla Wacker & Princess~2010
High Point Leadline Performance & High Point Timed Events!
Kylee & Pricncess~2010
Reserve High Point Timed Events 8/10
Princess & Amy~2010
Newest leadliner!
Princess is one of our top lesson horses as you can see. She takes kids of all ages & skill level to the winners circle!! She is available for 1/2 lease for the upcoming 4H season. Please keep in mind she is almost 28 years old and we don't want her pushed hard! She loves to jump & game still but she deserves a break!!